Kyllini port and Killini baths

The Thermal Springs of Kyllinis are a region of infinite beauty. They are situated 9 km away from Kyllini and there is a wooded area occasionally interrupted by big pieces of cultivable land. As one approaches the Kyllini Baths the forest is getting thicker, extending all the way to the sandy beach. The Kyllini Baths have been renowned since the ancient times for their hot springs, the waters of which, as their fumes and mud, cure the arthritis, asthma and skin diseases. There are ruins of installations of Roman baths. One interpretation of the name is that the word Lintzi meant “bath” in Latin. Another version says that it means “Hades’ mouth”, from where the “litzeoi”, the demons, were coming out.
The operating hydrotherapy centre is being visited by 5000 people during the summer season, with a 4,00 € ticket per person. Due to the particularity of the region, one can marvellously combine here medicinal and marine tourism.

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