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Ancient Olympia

Olympia, the sanctuary of Zeus and birthplace of the Olympic Games, lies in a verdant valley at the confluence of the rivers Alpheios and Kladeos. A landscape of great natural beauty, the whole valley was in ancient times thickly wooded and full of wild olive trees, from the leaves of which were made the wreaths that crowned the Olympian champions; hence the site was named Altis, meaning grove.

The new museum of Olympia

Within minutes walk from the archaeological site lie the three museums of Olympia that unfold the history of the sanctuary of Zeus and its celebrated games: the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of the Ancient Olympic Games and the Museum of the History of the Excavations at Olympia.

Archaeological Old Museum of Olympia

The Old Museum reopened as a Museum of the History of the Olympic Games.
The Archaeological Museum of Olympia is one of the most important museums in Greece. It hosts collections of finds from the Sanctuary of Zeus at Olympia, where they were born and celebrated in antiquity the Olympic Games. Its collections include:

Temple of Epicurius Apollon

We will drive to the Temple of Apollon Epicurius, going through the little traditional village called Adritsaina. This well-preserved Temple was built by Iktinos, between 430 – 410 B.C. It was constructed from the inhabitants of Figaleia in honor of Apollon and in gratitude for their salvation from disease. It is the only building which combined elements of three architectural styles in antiquity, Doric, Ionic and Corinthian, and was the first monument in Greece to be included in the World Heritage by UNESCO in 1986. The temple is located 90 km away east from Katakolon Port and it takes about 80 minutes driving to get there. We must start as early as we can and of course we must visit it at the beginning of the tour.

Luxury Spa

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Castle Chlemoutsi

Chlemoutsi (Chateau Clermont, Castel Tornese) is built on the summit of a hill with an extensive view to the plain of Elis and the Ionian Sea. It was established by the Prince Geoffrey I Villehardouin in 1220-1223 and it became the strongest fortress of the Frankish principate of Achaia. After the end of Frankish domination, Chlemoutsi gradually lost its importance. It remained though in continuous use, under Greek, Venetian or Turkish domination, until the Greek War of Independence. The castle underwent small scale works only by the Turks. Thus, it preserved its strong Frankish character almost intact and today it forms a striking example of fortress architecture of the Frankish era in Peloponnese.

Ancient Elis

The ancient city- state of Ilida in North West Peloponnesus, was built on the north banks of the Peneus River, between the mountainous part of Elis (Akroreia) and its coastal lowlands (Elis Koile).
The findings so far have shown that Ancient Elis was populated, even as a small agricultural perish, from the Proto- Hellenic era (almost 2800-2000 B.C.) until the end of the Early Byzantine period (seventh century AD), when the city was abandoned. The city of Ilida was established, when Oxilos, who had come from Aitolia in the 12th cent. B.C., united all the separate perishes. Oxilos founded the Olympic Games when he embodied the Holly Temple of Olympia in the city-state of Ilida.

Merkouri estate

Mercouri Estate Winery is famous for its rich red wines and olive oils. You will have the opportunity to visit the winery’s cellars and the small museum to learn interesting details about wine – making in Greece. You will be able to wander around the estate’s gardens, to discover the local flora and to visit the old family home, built in 1878. You can also visit the winery’s church and private beach.

St. Andrew beach

A great option for those who wish to be close to Katakolon port (approximately 3 km away) and to find serenity, as you enjoy a coffee or a beer.
By the magnificent beach under Pontikokastro and the green sides of the mountain, over the city of Ancient Feia, the combination of the mountain with the panoramic view to the sea, captures the visitor offering him the summer experience everyone dreams of.
You can also enjoy the cosmopolitan beach. This clean sea is known for its rocky sand.

Monastery of Kremasty

Looking at the Kremasti monastery, one can easily see how it got its name. Imposing and impressive, it really seems to be hanging off the rock. The view you will have from here is amazing.
The monastery was founded in 1700, when shepherds of the area found an icon of the Virgin Mary hanging in a cave, high up in the mountain. They couldn’t explain the presence of the icon there, so it was considered to be a sign from God that a monastery should be founded here. The first monks settled near the cave and build a small chapel.
In 1930 the monastery was converted into a nunnery.


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